Midnight Solve

Word puzzle solutions.

Need help with the latest word puzzle craze? Let this little app help you.


Midnight Solve is free! (Tips appreciated.)

Built with SwiftUI for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

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Simple to use.
Precise word search.

Solve lets you select between three and nine letter word lengths, and optional proper nouns. You can also use your own custom word lists.

Multiple letter

Midnight Solve handles difficult multiple-of-the-same-letter word guesses and solutions. Which honestly is just confusing.

Custom word lists

Use your own plaintext newline formatted files of words. Great for those unusual word puzzles or alternate languages. 

Word ranking

Results of Solve’s filtering include finding the words that have the most occurrences of remaining letters.

Up to nine letters

Choose between three to nine letter word length with optimized word data for speed and accuracy.

Fast and through

Easy and fast entry with text field auto-forward-ing and handling of diacritics and special characters. 

Modern code

Midnight Solve has been created using the latest tools from Apple. Coded with SwiftUI.

First Class Mac.

Midnight Solve for your Mac is a native app built using SwiftUI because cool.

SwiftUI Advanced

Midnight Solve uses the latest development tools to bring all the same features to your Mac. We didn’t stop there, Solve has been carefully tuned for the best desktop experience.

M1 Ready

Complied and ready to run native on the latest Apple hardware built using their own M1 CPU architecture. Also supports the old Intel 64-bit systems.

Get Midnight Solve now for free! (Tips appreciated.)

Includes all platforms – iOS, iPadOS, macOS!

Built in San Francisco

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